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Welcome To My Blog!

Hello, Bula Vinaka and Happy New Year !

I am Anit Aunendra Singh (Anit).

I have specially created this blog so as to introduce myself to you. And to request you to do yourself a great favor, in this new year, by choosing me as your new National Secretary for Fiji Bank & Finance Sector Union,- your Union. A decision, I solemnly say, you would not regret. 

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In this blog you will read:

  • my resume in detail;

  • my vision for our union;

  • my qualifications, skills and experience as a Unionist;

  • my passion as a unionist and;

  • about my other vocation, interests and hobbies;

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How I can help you

I may seem new to you. But rest assured, I am intimately known to our union.

I have had an intense and interesting (employment) relationship with our union. I am hoping that by reading this blog you may make an informed choice in selecting your new National Secretary:

  • who has proven skills in research & analysis of the prevailing changes and challenges faced by the banking/finance sector in Fiji and its impact on the industry employees (you) and; 

  • who is confident to effectively negotiate probable solutions with the banking sector management, which ensures your job security, fair employment practices and equitable pay as well as solutions which improve your work environment, and;

  • who is able to reassert and (re)bring the valuable resource of  'collective bargaining' back to the negotiating table;

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